Team building ideas for outdoor team building events at Stonecutters Lodge


Corporate team events are an aid to improving morale and ensuring a common vision among employees. Stonecutters Lodge offers some exciting onsite team-building activities.

Team Building Fly Fishing Clinic

Team Fly Fishing Clinic

A fly-fishing clinic is ideal for team bonding events and an opportunity to acquire a new skill. Teach the team to tie a fly, cast and retrieve, with expert tuition. A competition, between teams or individuals is always popular - biggest trout caught, most flies lost! Drinks, snacks or a BBQ evening can be arranged.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Stonecutters Lodge offers clay-pigeon shooting offsite as a fun outdoor team building activity. This is a very popular and exciting option and is done under the tuition of an expert. Team members will compete to hit the flying targets.
Photographic Team Building Activities

Photo-Based Team Activities

A photo chase gets delegates out the boardroom and onto the property. Based on a classic paper-chase, delegates are given a book of photos taken on the property. Teams must find each scene and replicate the photos. Prize-giving at dinner!

The Photo Game, customized to suit each conference, encourages individuals to share their personal and corporate goals. Each delegate takes photos within an allocated theme and gives an explanation as to the relevance of the photo to the theme. Some serious, some funny. Amazing results can emerge, and prizes will be awarded.

Creative Teambuilding Events

Indoor Team Building Events

Looking at indoor team building events? An art project can be custom designed to suit the needs of your group under the tuition of an art teacher and with all materials provided. Members will be given a theme to commit to canvas – a self-portrait, an expression of emotion – the possibilities are endless. Ignite your teams creativity and see their ideas come to life!

Teambuilding Enquiries

Stonecutters Lodge is ready to make your team building event a day of strategy, teamwork and adventure! Let us know what you have in mind and we will get back to you soon with a quote.

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